CMC Telecom is the first Vietnamese network operator to connect “multipoint” to AWS and Google

Dec 02, 2021

CMC Telecom recently upgraded three more Google and AWS connection lines, making it the first Vietnamese operator to establish a direct “multipoint” connection to two “big” Clouds in Hong Kong and Singapore (2nd edition). The largest telecommunications hubs in Asia).

CMC Telecom, as an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and a Google Premier Partner, is always focused on expanding and strengthening connections to AWS and Google regional connection centers. This also provides Vietnamese businesses with the opportunity to use dedicated network connections directly to the server systems of the world’s leading cloud service providers. CMC Cloud Express connections are always guaranteed to be the fastest and safest.

CMC Telecom has rapidly expanded its network with three new connections, in addition to previous connections with AWS at Equinix SG2 (Singapore) and Google at Mega 2 (Hong Kong).

  • Google – interconnect at Equinix SG3 (Singapore) will be officially launched on October 15th.
  • AWS Connect – DX will be available at Mega-i (Hong Kong) on 11/12.
  • AWS Connect – DX will be available at Global Switch (Singapore) on November 24th.

CMC Telecom is the first Vietnamese network operator to connect “multipoint” to AWS and Google

CMC Telecom can provide AWS Direct Connect and Google Interconnect transmission channels for customers with a commitment to service quality of up to 99.99 percent and comply with the strictest and most stringent security requirements of these “big guys” about Cloud with the infrastructure system directly to Google and AWS in Singapore, Hong Kong has just been expanded. Customers in Vietnam and neighboring countries can use Cloud Express to connect directly to CMC Telecom, the nearest point of presence of Google and AWS, with the ability to meet large bandwidth requirements of up to 10Gbps.

Demanding units can also choose between Equinix Singapore and Mega2 Hong Kong for Google and Equinix/Global Switch Singapore and Mega-i Hong Kong for AWS. Businesses that use CMC Telecom’s services will achieve a new level of connectivity with these major cloud service providers in the most efficient, secure, and time-efficient manner possible.

The diversification of network connections with the world’s technology behemoths aids CMC Telecom in reaffirming its pioneering position in providing Cloud services in the Vietnamese market, as well as its solid technological foundation and breadth. Most importantly, this demonstrates CMC Telecom’s ongoing capacity improvement and high level of interest in caring for and accompanying customers.

“With the strategic orientation of Converged Services Provider and Multi Cloud, CMC Telecom always wants to bring useful values. and most practical to businesses in many segments. CMC Telecom is also the first and only unit in Vietnam to offer multi-cloud solutions, allowing businesses to access Cloud services from the world’s technology behemoths from a single admin page. When used on an open platform with the ability to expand the system proactively and quickly, it helps to save costs, resources, and time.”, Dang Tung Son, DCEO/CMO of CMC Telecom, stated.

Dang Tung Son, DCEO/CMO of CMC Telecom

CMC Telecom has become a reliable choice for many units due to its experience and ability to deploy Cloud Express for many multinational corporations and large enterprises, as well as its highly technical team, international certifications, and ability to support rapid deployment to meet the business continuity needs in Vietnam (especially a group of customers with strict requirements such as banking and finance). Furthermore, as a Google and AWS senior partner, CMC Telecom provides many solutions for businesses to help solve both cost and customer experience issues.