Jun 10, 2024

CMC Data Center Tân Thuận has been certified as the first Data Center in Vietnam to meet Level 4 Information Security Standards. To achieve such a high level, CMC Telecom ‘s Data Center had to undergo an evaluation by the Ministry of Information and Communications, in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of National Defense.

Accordingly, the Level 4 CMC Telecom Data Center system is strictly established to serve the operation and provision of services for state customers, supporting the development of e-government/digital government with a requirement for 24/7 operation and no unplanned downtime. The Level 4 CMC Telecom Data Center system is certified to ensure it can serve users with huge scale and specific needs, particularly organizations in the Finance, Banking, and E-commerce sectors.

To achieve Level 4 standards, the Data Center (DC) must undergo evaluation on three main pillars: hardware infrastructure ensuring continuous operation 24/7/365, comprehensive monitoring policies with strict operations, and internationally standard management and information security software.

CMC Data Center Tân Thuận has been certified as the first Data Center in Vietnam to meet Level 4 Information Security Standards. 

The evaluation of CMC Telecom’s Data Center by the relevant authorities is based on the Law on Cyber Information Security dated November 19, 2015; Government Decree No. 85/2016/NĐ-CP dated July 1, 2016, on ensuring the safety of information systems by level; Circular No. 12/2022/TT-BTTTT dated August 12, 2022, and National Standard TCVN 11930:2017 on Information Technology – Security techniques – Basic requirements for information system security by level.

CMC Data Center Tân Thuận, invested in and built by CMC Corporation, was inaugurated and put into operation in August 2022 with a total investment of 1,500 billion VND. CMC Data Center Tân Thuận is the most secure and modern Data Center in Vietnam, being the first to achieve Uptime Tier III certification for Design and Facility. It is the only Data Center with the TVRA risk prevention certifications and the first to have the PCI DSS certification for Financial and Banking organizations.

Hệ thống bảo mật đa lớp theo chuẩn TVRA của CMC Data Center Tân Thuận

CMC Telecom must demonstrate information security measures in areas such as Network Security, Server and Application Security, Data Security Management, Endpoint Security, Malware Prevention, End-User Security, and even End-of-Operation, Exploitation, and Disposal to achieve level 4 in Information System Security.

CMC Telecom has its team of experts called the Comprehensive Operations Center (COC) and is managed by a dedicated security team of more than 50 personnel. CMC Telecom’s COC operates under a comprehensive model for Data Center, Cloud, Network, Security, and Managed Services. We manage and protect customer data 24/7/365 for professionals in the Top including the Finance, Banking, OTT providers, professional service companies, and corporations in the Energy, Manufacturing, and Retail sectors.

Experts of System Security (the Comprehensive Operations Center – COC), CMC Telecom 

With the Level 4 Information System Security standard, CMC Telecom’s Data Center continues to aim at serving the operation and providing services for the development of e-government/digital government in Vietnam. Furthermore, this recognition is contributing to the nation’s digital transformation and the goal of making Vietnam become a regional Digital Hub.