CMC Telecom among TOP 10 SD WAN Providers in Asia Pacific

Jan 06, 2021

The leading ICT magazine in the US – CIO Advisor APAC announced the list of companies among Top 10 SD-WAN Solution Providers 2020 award (A Software-defined Wide Area Network- SD WAN). According to, CMC Telecom is the only enterprise telecom service company in Vietnam selected this award.  

This is the most anticipated 2nd annual edition on SDN of CIO Advisor APAC and this year, CMC Telecom was officially listed as TOP 10 SD WAN regional providers in Asia Pacific. Accompanying CMC Telecom in this award is leading technology enterprises such as Fortinet, CenturyLink, Lumen Technologies, Barracuda, …

CMC Telecom has been featured in a special issue of the leading ICT magazine known as CIO Advisor APAC

CIO Advisor magazine recognizes the distinct advantages of CMC Telecom compared to other providers. That is the ability to own strong domestic and foreign fiber optic infrastructure, highly qualified IT team and standard Data Center infrastructure, capable of multi-cloud connectivity. CMC Telecom is currently own a direct connection lines to Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS, Oracle Cloud, IBM Cloud. This helps CMC Telecom to meet even the most strictly requirements of the Finance – Banking segment, large enterprises when they need to integrate the operating model on cloud infrastructure.  

CMC Telecom passed international certification rounds of quality of infrastructure, service and technical expertise and special advantages to be present in the TOP10 SD-WAN Solution Providers 2020 award.

Top 10 SD-WAN Solution Providers were assessed objectively through the survey more than 31,000 Qualified Printed Subscribers, added 65,000 digital subscribers and the other enterprises are using the SD-WAN in the APAC region. The CIO Advisor magazine also checked random enterprises, including leading insurance company in Vietnam, after successfully transforming the SD-WAN model through CMC Telecom with 18 connection points across the Asia-Pacific market. The results were positive in all aspects. It reduces costs in half but while meeting very strict requirements including: high stability, easy management, secure information, data encryption on the transmission line (but still ensuring speed transmission rate and packet separation).

 CMC Telecom is the IT service provider for many large FSI (Financial Services & Insurance) enterprises in Vietnam, Mr. Đặng Tùng Sơn- D.CEO/ CMO CMC Telecom also shared: One of the biggest challenges facing businesses today is network security, especially due to the need to deploy multiple applications. Many enterprises are using physical on-premise infrastructure and cloud-based infrastructure, even on Multi-cloud. This presents obstacles in planning data transmission routes with different infrastructures even clouds while ensuring the level of information security when accessing. The appearance of SD-WAN applied virtual software and technology to create a reliable “new” WAN. Thereby, transferring data between environments will be intelligently identified and coordinated by optimizing the line for the right type of application or the preferred application to meet the business’s requirements. With companies using from 2 WAN ports, SD-WAN solutions help extend the bandwidth with constant costs by converting 1 WAN to FTTH lines.


Mr. Đặng Tùng Sơn – D.CEO/ CMO CMC Telecom assesses the core challenges of current network security and the advantages that help SD-WAN change the game


The “evolution” of SD-WAN technology has been creating a more powerful transition than ever to replace the “old fashion” WAN, not suitable for the cloud computing period. And to begin digital transformation, FSI, multi-national corporations or any enterprise with a widely distributed branch network can quickly thrive with SD WAN.


CIO Advisor APAC is the magazine released the same organize with APAC CIO Outlook magazine. Both magazines serve for the CIO, CTO, IT expert, IT Professional Services or the leading telecommunications business community in Asia – Pacific. Previously, CMC Telecom was awarded the APAC Top 10 Data Center Service Providers 2019 award; Top 25 Managed Service Providers 2018 and APAC 25 Most Promising Telecom Solution Providers 2016.