CMC Telecom Announces the Official Opening of the National Internet Exchange Station (VNIX PoP) at CMC Data Center Tan Thuan

Nov 21, 2023

On November 21, 2023, the Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) and CMC Telecommunications Infrastructure Corporation (CMC Telecom) celebrated the official opening of the VNIX Point of Presence (PoP) and interconnection hub at CMC Telecom’s Tan Thuan Data Center (DC). This momentous event followed the signing of the Cooperation Agreement on November 9, 2023, in Hanoi, aimed at expanding the National Internet Exchange Station (VNIX PoP).

CMC Telecom’s Tan Thuan DC, recognized as one of Vietnam’s most secured and advanced-technology data centers, comply with all the strict environmental conditions and physical connection availability requirements set by VNIX. Organizations and businesses using CMC Telecom DC Tan Thuan services can now directly connect to the National Internet Exchange Station (VNIX), establishing direct connections with over 50 networks of major ISPs, content and OTT players across Vietnam. This streamlined connection to VNIX enables cost optimization, eliminating the need for additional independent physical circuits, thereby reducing latency and enhancing service quality.

VNIX PoP Opening Ceremony at CMC Telecom DC Tan Thuan

The integration of the Internet Exchange Station (IX) and Data Center (DC) aligns with the current international trends and standards in Internet industry. This combination facilitates direct connections for data center customers to Internet Exchange Stations. For CMC Telecom, VNNIC has selected the initial VNIX PoP location at CMC DC Tan Thuan, which recently launched in 2022 as a fully carrier-neutral data center and is currently the most secured, advanced-technology with international standard and hyperscale capacity in Vietnam (IT load up to 10MW, Uptime Tier 3 certifications in Design, Facility and upcoming Operation one. It also marks the first Data Center in Vietnam to meet the TVRA standard)

The VNIX PoP site at CMC Telecom DC Tan Thuan is established following the local peering model and international standards in internet connection, supporting the new generation Internet protocol IPv6 for optimal development and secure exchange of Vietnam’s internet traffic, reducing latency and improving service quality.

In a significant move to support organizations and businesses hosting at DC Tan Thuan, CMC Telecom commits to offer the most secured connection to VNIX PoP inside the DC with SLA 99.99%. This initiative ensures seamless connectivity to over 50 networks of major ISPs, content and OTT players in Vietnam, leading to cost optimization and improved service quality without additional physical circuits.

During the opening ceremony, Mr. Tran Thanh Binh, Director of Tino Group Joint Stock Company, expressed his pleasure as one of the first members connecting directly to VNIX via the VNIX PoP at CMC DC Tan Thuan. He emphasized the expanded internet peering connections to networks such as Viettel, VNPT, CMC Telecom, Mobifone, VNG, as well as the national DNS system and so on. This expansion enables access to a broader customer base with enhanced cost efficiency and internet connection quality, improving overall service and business efficiency.

The collaboration between the Vietnam Internet Network Information Center and CMC Telecom aims to foster the development of more VNIX members at Tan Thuan DC and deploy additional VNIX PoP at CMC Telecom DCs nationwide. This strategic partnership aligns with the shared goal of promoting development, ensuring safety for Vietnam’s internet, fostering the growth of the digital ecosystem, and positioning Vietnam as the new Digital Hub in the region in line with the government and Information and Communications industry’s vision.

The National Internet Exchange Station (VNIX) operates under the Vietnam Internet Center, established by the Ministry of Information and Communications. Operating on non-profit principles, VNIX supports the safety and stability of the entire Vietnam Internet network, enhances quality, reduces service costs, and promotes the transition of Vietnam’s Internet to IPv6. With over 50 connected member networks, including VNNIC (national DNS system), Viettel, VNPT, CMC Telecom, and VNG, VNIX plays a crucial role in Vietnam’s internet landscape.

Globally, there are approximately 730 IXPs out of 1126 established IXP connection points (source: PCH.NET). IXPs are essential for internet development, addressing connectivity issues, improving service quality, and reducing internet connection costs.

According to the results of VNNIC’s research involving 150 typical IXPs worldwide, 99% of IXPs are situated in neutral IDCs, hosting numerous network systems, particularly those of content providers, banks, financial institutions, Fintech, Cloud, CDN…  in addition to their primary locations in large IDCs, IXPs have established numerous expansion points in other IDCs (referred to as IXP expansion POPs). This strategy aims to offer the closest connection infrastructure to members whose network infrastructure is situated in IDCs, thereby enhancing the quality of peering services. Some prominent international IXPs have multiple POP in IDCs, such as LN-IX UK with 63 POP points, DE-CIX Frankfurt Germany with 49 points, AMS-IX Netherlands with 16 points, DE-CIX Berlin Germany with 14 points, BBIX Japan with 19 points, SGIX Singapore with 12 points, and MyIX Malaysia with 5 points…