CMC Telecom: One-Stop Shop for IT Solutions

Jul 03, 2018

The technological disruptions of this age have triggered a paradigm change in traditional IT infrastructure. With the availability of highspeed networking solutions and the proliferation of data-driven business strategies, organizations are shifting to cloud-based systems to reduce their expenditure on conventional servers and networks. However, for small and medium enterprises, it proves to be more economically viable to outsource the functions of the IT department to third-party managed services solution providers.

In 2014, the move by the Government of Vietnam to outsource their IT requirements of all stateowned companies inspired CMC Telecom, a reputable Vietnamese Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Services Company, to venture into the managed services space. Already established as a proficient Internet Services Provider (ISP) based out of Vietnam, CMC Telecom has made a strategic transition to a Converged Services Provider (CSP) business model. This move strengthens their foothold in the market and prepares the company for any foreseeable technological disruptions. This transition began with CMC Telecom re-engineering their internal processes by incorporating the latest technology and optimizing their resource utilization. “At present, the company provides managed services in the fields of managed connectivity, managed security, and managed cloud,” says Dang Tung Son, Deputy CEO, CMC Telecom. Leveraging the knowledge and experience gained over the years as an ICT solution provider, the company offers a comprehensive software solution to manage the clients’ network infrastructure. Most of the corporate clients view the company’s platform as a critical component of their networks and depend on it to facilitate efficient administration of their systems. It monitors the network round the clock and performs real-time diagnosis of issues. It has built-in capabilities to generate periodical reports that help organizations proactively improve systems and enhance productivity.

While network monitoring and administration are commonly automated, the key challenge in addressing the concerns of compromised network security lies in maintaining a full-time in-house security team. Most organizations do not have teams with the desired expertise to manage security operations or do not have the capital to hire a proficient team. Organizations in the field of insurance and banking are now showing deep concern regarding the security of their systems with the rising threats of cyber attacks. CMC Telecom has formed an alliance with IBM to fill in the role of a consultant to devise the most optimum security solutions and act as a first-level help desk for clients. Using IBM’s Intrusion Detection and Prevention System Management, they optimized the network security of a large local bank through real-time monitoring, management, and analysis of servers and systems. The other aspect of their offerings is the managed cloud services. As organizations extensively implement multi-tenant and hybrid cloud architecture, CMC Telecom helps them derive maximum value by providing monitoring tools that analyze the performance of the cloud infrastructure. The CMC Telecom team comprises of Amazon Web Services (AWS) certified engineers, who can use their hands-on experience to aid AWS customers. These capabilities are further augmented by the security solutions they implement with the help of IBM software.