Frost & Sullivan awarded CMC Telecom the 2022 Vietnam Data Center Services Competitive Strategy Leadership Award

Jan 12, 2022

Frost & Sullivan, the world’s top market research and analysis firm, recently granted CMC Telecom the award for “Data Center service with the most competitive strategy in Vietnam 2022.” This award is part of Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practice Award program.

Internationally renowned and prestigious awards

The Frost & Sullivan Awards are an international award that recognizes organizations that have achieved excellent results in regional and global markets. This is an almost 60-year-old award that covers 19 business categories including telecommunications, technology, finance, banking, real estate finance, building, consumption, training, and so on. Frost & Sullivan has 45 offices in 30 countries around the world, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, India, China, Korea, Thailand, and Malaysia.

More than 1,200 Frost & Sullivan industry analysts will conduct independent interviews to assess companies’ market performance, overall contribution to the industry, and compare them. Create, evaluate, and investigate secondary marketplaces. The Frost & Sullivan Awards require participating organizations to demonstrate strong market competitiveness based on the following criteria and indicators: revenue growth, market share, leadership capacity, and product diversity. products/solutions, business and market strategies

Defeat six “golden requirements”

Frost & Sullivan conducted meetings, interviews, and in-depth analysis for the award “Vietnam Data Center Service has the most competitive strategy in 2022” (2022 Vietnam Data Center Services Competitive Strategy Leadership Award) in the field of telecommunications – technology, specifically the award “Vietnam Data Center Service has the most competitive strategy in 2022” (2022 Vietnam Data Center Services Competitive Strategy Leadership Award), based on 6 rigorous criteria: Strategy Effectiveness; Strategy Execution; Stakeholder Integration; Competitive Differentiation; Executive Team Alignment; Customer Service Experience. Businesses must demonstrate excellence in operational strategies, actual value, and world-class service standards in order to be nominated in this category.

CMC Telecom successfully persuaded the Organizing Committee to receive this prestigious award after three months of tough review processes, becoming the only Vietnamese telecommunications company to be awarded at Frost & Sullivan 2022. In the same year, AIMS, a Data Center firm under Top2 Malaysian telecommunications group TIME dotCom, a strategic investor in CMC Telecom, earned a major award from Frost & Sullivan for Data Center.

Frost & Sullivan awarded CMC Telecom the “Data Center Service with the Most Competitive Strategy in Vietnam 2022” award.

The “leader” of Vietnam’s data center

Frost & Sullivan’s recognition in this category is a continuing affirmation of CMC Telecom’s market leadership position in data center solutions. CMC Telecom has owned three neutral data centers so far. These are Vietnam’s first Data Centers to be awarded the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) payment security accreditation for the financial and banking industries. The Data Centers of CMC Telecom are all managed by a team of well-trained specialists and technicians who hold international credentials such as CDCE, CDCS, CDCP, CDFOM,…

To meet the demand for additional Tan Thuan Data Center (HCM) with an area of 10,000 m and a scale of 1,200 racks, CMC Telecom has “strongly” invested in creating more Tan Thuan Data Center (HCM) with an area of 10,000 m and a size of 1,200 racks. This most sophisticated Data Center in Vietnam is expected to be officially opened in March 2022. However, in December 2021, DC Tan Thuan was acknowledged by Uptime Institute, the world’s most prominent DC assessment unit, for meeting the worldwide Tier III international standard on the Data Center map system.

“Frost & Sullivan’s award is a recognition for nonstop efforts, strengths in technical infrastructure, service quality, and competitiveness. CMC Telecom has a long history of great features and client confidence. This is also a testament to CMC Telecom’s successful development strategy and confirms the company’s leadership position in the Data Center services sector.”  said Mr. Dang Tung Son, DCEO/CMO of CMC Telecom.

In 2021, International Business Magazine voted CMC Telecom’s Data Center service “Best Data Center in Vietnam 2021” (Best Data Center Award Vietnam 2021).