IMS promotes the deployment of digital solutions with the new generation CMC Cloud

Nov 27, 2023

According to Mr. Tran Bao Hung – IMS Sales Director, CMC Cloud has helped IMS optimize resource management, optimize operating costs by up to 30% and ensure IMS’s services are always stable.

The 7th CCloud Talk program organized by CMC Telecom on November 21 had the participation of Mr. Vu Minh Thong – CMC Telecom Cloud Computing Expert and Mr. Tran Bao Hung – IMS Sales Director with 15 years of experience. in the field of building sales websites, providing digital solutions for tens of thousands of Vietnamese businesses. The two speakers had open discussions about the actual implementation process with CMC Cloud – the key technology platform that helps IMS conquer the most demanding customers.

Mr. Tran Bao Hung – IMS Sales Director shared at CMC Telecom’s CCloud Talk

Established in 2019, IMS Solutions Company Limited is one of the units operating in the field of information technology. With a clear development orientation, IMS has quickly affirmed its leading position in the field of web design and business management software with its key product being IMS. This is also the most used multi-channel sales and management platform in Vietnam with more than 2,000 customers.

To improve the quality of products and services, meet increasingly demanding customer requirements while optimizing costs, IMS needs a strong, highly available and scalable digital platform. More flexible resources.

IMS’s Sales Director shared, “A good platform for IMS must first be a branded platform with a long-standing reputation in the market. Second, it is developed on a modern Data Center infrastructure with the highest security to ensure quality service delivery. Third, we need a permanent technical team to handle problems and provide timely support in all emergency situations.

Besides, this platform must help IMS optimize the cost of products and services when brought to market. CMC Cloud has a modern virtual server configuration, flexible features, smart storage solutions based on a powerful transmission line infrastructure and an international Tier III standard Data Center that completely meets these criteria.”

In addition, the issue of infrastructure stability is also a top priority for IMS. If the system and products supplied to the market are not stable, it can cause disruption to business operations and seriously affect the reputation of the business. CMC Cloud has helped IMS always maintain the smoothest customer experience.

Regarding this issue, Mr. Vu Minh Thong – CMC Telecom Cloud Computing Expert affirmed: “To meet the standards of IMS in particular and the technology industry in general, CMC Cloud is continuously upgraded and supplemented.” many outstanding features. In the second generation, CMC Cloud allows customers to choose 2 infrastructure deployment areas: Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi, and in each area there will be 2 separate availability zones (Availability Zone – AZ). When there is a problem in AZ1, the servers, resources or data in AZ2 will not be affected and customer service is still guaranteed to be stable 24/7.

IMS’s programming and system operations team also appreciates the flexible expansion capabilities on the CMC Cloud virtual server, allowing to increase resources when needed, reducing resources during off-peak periods. In the newly upgraded version, CMC Cloud is applied with the “Pay as you go” billing method by day instead of by month like other providers on the market.

CMC Cloud has a built-in Realtime billing warning tool that helps users quickly monitor resource usage costs for each VM and other CMC Cloud services according to actual usage time. For example, if a customer uses 10 IPs, they will know exactly how many hours these IPs are used in a day or a month to optimize the number of IPs to use. Combined with the Monitoring tool, users will directly monitor resources deployed on the CMC Cloud portal in chart and table form. Thanks to that, we can promptly adjust and add other Cloud services according to needs, improving business performance. After 1-2 months of monitoring the system, businesses can save up to 30% of initial costs.

CMC Cloud is built on a modern technology foundation

Sharing with digital transformation businesses, an IMS representative said: “If we do not change to be faster, we will not be able to satisfy customers with increasingly demanding requirements for speed and quality. The process of converting infrastructure to the Cloud is quite complicated, so businesses need to carefully evaluate the system to create a specific roadmap and choose professional Cloud providers in Vietnam such as CMC Telecom to support implementation. quickly and with the best system management.”