8 Ways to save costs when using Microsoft Azure

Nov 17, 2023

CMC Telecom, Microsoft’s Tier-1 Cloud Solutions Provider partner in Vietnam, shares 8 ways to save costs when using Microsoft Azure for businesses.

According to Microsoft, Azure is a cloud platform that integrates more than 200 Cloud services and products. These services and products are designed to meet all application deployment needs of customers.

Also according to this company, businesses can save an average of about 16% when using Azure infrastructure. To achieve the figure of 16% and even more, CMC Telecom’s Microsoft expert points out 8 ways to help businesses optimize costs.


Unused resources should be turned off

CMC Telecom recommends that businesses use the Azure Advisor feature to check frequently unused resources, thereby devising a plan to eliminate redundant resources.


Change the configuration to suit actual use

After a period of actual operation, resources may be used at a lower level than initially expected at initialization. Businesses should use Azure Advisor and check metrics to resize to the correct size for actual use.

Businesses should use Azure Savings Plan

Azure Savings Plan is a new form of Azure pricing. Customers will receive lower prices by paying a fixed hourly upfront fee for services that are expected to operate stably and long-term. Customers can commit to use for 1 or 3 years.


Enterprises can use Azure Reserve Instances

Azure Reserve Instances is Azure’s pricing model for customers who can predict stable and long-term use of resources on Azure. Customers can commit to use for 1 or 3 years to receive a maximum discount of up to 72%.


Take advantage of the Azure Hybrid Benefit

Azure Hybrid Benefit helps customers reuse purchased licenses for activation on Azure to save on license costs when migrating from On-premise to Azure.


Autoscaling configuration

CMC Telecom’s MultiCloud expert shared: “Autoscaling configuration is the process of automatically allocating resources to match performance requirements. As traffic increases, the application needs more resources to ensure performance. When traffic drops, the application can reduce resources to save on usage costs. There are two main ways: Vertical scaling and Horizontal scaling.”


Choose the correct configuration to use

Azure offers many services that can help customers select and deploy applications. Therefore, businesses need to choose the right configuration suitable for the application to save costs. Below is a flowchart to help customers choose the right service they want.


Set budgets and allocations for projects

When operating on Azure, businesses can spend time setting budgets and allocations for each team and project. This will help track and control usage costs and configure alerts when costs exceed budget. From there, businesses will come up with ways to reduce and optimize their usage costs.


After many years as a Tier-1 Cloud Solutions Provider partner of Microsoft in Vietnam, CMC Telecom has a lot of time and experience working with businesses and corporations. This business considers saving costs on Azure to be difficult work, requiring time and effort. However, with tools available on Azure such as Azure Advisor, Azure Monitor and Cost Management… businesses will have an easier time implementing plans to save usage costs; From there, you can safely move to Azure to increase the efficiency of communication within your organization and develop your business while still ensuring cost savings.