CMC Cloud – the only Cloud platform in Vietnam that connects directly with AWS, Microsoft and Google

Nov 08, 2019

CMC Telecom has successfully connected to the Cloud platform of the world’s three largest technology giants, AWS, Microsoft and Google. With a relatively young technology company in the market with 100% private capital.

CMC Cloud – the only Cloud platform in Vietnam that connects directly with AWS, Microsoft and Google

CMC Telecom is the first provider in Vietnam to provide Multi Cloud solution which allows customers to use Portal CMC Cloud to directly start Cloud Server service and manage right on Amazon Web Service’s resource infrastructure; Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure or Private Cloud are located at the customer’s Data Center. In addition, CMC Telecom also provides private lines connecting these “clouds” through Google Cloud Interconnect, Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute and AWS Direct Connect to ensure low latency, high stability, safety and excellent security. for

CMC Telecom’s multi-cloud platform (CMC Multi-Cloud Platform) is an open platform, capable of connecting to other cloud computing (cloud computing) providers. Customers can experience using cloud services from major companies in the world through a single administration page.

In 2018, CMC Telecom officially introduced Elastic Compute and Elastic GPU products, researched and developed by CMC Telecom, suitable for many customer segments with different needs.

Elastic Compute is a service that allows customers to initialize on demand a variety of virtual server resources including CPU, RAM, Storage capacity and Networks without having to invest in hardware equipment at Data Center. Elastic GPU provides specific requirements for customers to handle and apply new technologies. The system is located at 03 Data Centers meeting Tier 3 International standards.

CMC Elastic Compute is built on the most modern genuine hardware system; Applying KVM-OpenStack technology solution which has been recognized by Amazon, IBM, Alibaba … The system is located at 03 Data Centers meeting Tier 3 International standards of CMC Telecom with the first PCI DSS security certificate in Vietnam. PCI DSS is a mandatory standard to help card issuers protect their data, prevent unauthorized access and will help businesses limit the risk and risk of information theft, especially enhancing Data protection work on the card.

Also in 2018, CMC Telecom has introduced smart face recognition and big data solutions for retail chains, AI-enabled online marketing or IBM Cloud Private solutions. for specific industries such as banks, financial institutions, and insurance. With continuous efforts to invest in researching cloud-based solutions to bring businesses and partners comprehensive IT-telecommunications services and solutions, on July 25, 2018, CMC Telecom was honored to be City Computer Association HCM (HCA) awarded the title of “Leading Cloud Computing Service Provider in Vietnam.

CMC Multi-cloud is the only platform in Vietnam that connects directly to the Cloud of AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft.

Sharing the research and development directions of CMC Cloud product packages in the future according to the development speed of industry 4.0, Mr. Le Anh Vu, Director of Value-Added Services of CMC Telecom said: “CMC Cloud CMC Telecom has researched, developed and mastered the technology to transfer the most advanced skills and knowledge to help customers shorten time, safety and save costs on the digital conversion path. Like the slogan of the CMC Cloud service: Apparently CMC Cloud, Discover your Clouds ”

CMC Telecom is the first telecommunications infrastructure company in Vietnam with foreign shareholders, TIME dotCom Berhad Group (the second largest telecommunications corporation in Malaysia). Along with TIME dotCom international telecommunication partners in the region, CMC Telecom draws an infrastructure network connecting Asia without borders, connecting to other continents through arterial cables AAE1, APG, Unity and Faster. The CVCS backbone route system of CMC Telecom extends over 5000km with a capacity of 9.6 Tbps, directly connected to Lien A network (A-Grid), making Vietnam an important hub connecting Asia to the globe.

Currently, CMC Telecom is providing comprehensive services with specialized data transmission products for businesses such as Internet Leased Line, local Wan service; Inter-municipal; international, fiber optic Internet for businesses. Not only providing basic telecommunications services, CMC Telecom is also the leading Cloud and Data Center provider in Vietnam and also the only telecommunications enterprise directly connected to AWS and Microsoft Cloud. , and Google.

CMC Telecom has been honored at many major international awards including the Best Service Provider for Enterprises and the Top 10 Data Center Suppliers in Asia – Pacific by APAC CIO Magazine. Outlook voted.

CMC Telecom is a member of CMC Technology Group. In July 2019, Samsung SDS, a system developer and technology solution of Samsung, acquired a 25% stake in CMC Group.

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